Fruit crisps: Best dessert recipes for entertaining

Fruit crisps are among our favorite recipes for entertaining. Sure, they contain butter and sugar. But even a small serving of luscious, warm apples, blueberries, plums, pears, or nectarines under a crunchy blanket…

Labor Day Party barbecued burger inspiration

Yesterday, the Seattle Times ran a feature about fancy new versions of burgers now served at area bars. As in many other locations, the bar burgers in Seattle have gone haute.
Here, taken from reporter Tan Vinh’s round-up, are some of the area’s gourmet bar burgers.
We think they offer great suggestions on more items to include […]

Best wines to serve with hot, spicy foods

The Spice Depot, a company that sells spices, runs a lovely Web site that has lots of good information, including helpful, in-depth details about pairing hot spicy foods– great for summer entertaining–with white and red wines.
Here are some excerpts from the company’s excellent section Ethnic Food & Wine.

Caribbean Jerk Dishes
“With over ten percent of the […]

French, fresh macarons make a delightful dessert

Slide over, cupcakes. There are new sweeties on the block that are as pretty as they are delicious. We’re talking about macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, which are dense, coconut goodies.)
Macarons are delicate disk-shaped, bite-size, meringue-like cookies–puffy and tasty clouds of sweetness.
The cookies are eye-catching, too, thanks to their feminine pastel colors and […]

Great party salads using pre-grilled chicken and steak

If you’re a follower of Celebrate with Style, you know that one of our favorite entertaining tactics is to have at least one make-ahead component of a party menu. Pre-cooked ingredients makes entertaining simpler and more stress-free.
We especially love the idea of grilling extra chicken or beef when you have a barbecue, and using it […]

Hamburger: Barbecue favorite

July 4th weekend is probably the biggest barbecue weekend of the year. All across the country, families are getting ready to fire up the grill and cook more hamburgers (and hot dogs) than at any other time.
According to the website mywebgrocer, hamburger purchases in the week ending July 3, 2009 increased by more than 100% […]

Last-minute Cinco de Mayo party

If you’re up for a bit of spontaneous fun, Cinco de Mayo presents the perfect opportunity for a last-minute party!
We just saw this pretty picture on the Kraft site, and we realized that a Mexican-style Cobb salad is the perfect addition to our collection of delicious mix-and-match Cinco de Mayo recipes.
Almost everything you need for […]

It’s Kentucky Derby Party time!

Always a great excuse for a spontaneous and easy party, the Kentucky Derby–which is televised on the first Saturday of May–is almost here!
So call a few friends, have the women dig out their most ornate or floppy hats and invite everyone over for some Saturday afternoon fun. Then, simply provide some hearty […]

Celebrate Earth Day with the Kids

One of the nicest things about celebrating Earth Day is that you can honor the planet and teach kids about being eco-friendly while having fun!
We’ve got lots of ways to enjoy Earth Day with your kids. Some simply involve downloading kid-friendly activities to do together.  You’ll also find suggestions for locating activities at zoos and […]

Missing holiday meal ingredients? Easy substitutions

You just ran out of brown sugar, or forgot to add another key recipe ingredient to your shopping list! No need to panic. Use easy substitutions and no one will be the wiser. Here’s how to avoid having to make a mad dash to the convenience store during your holiday gathering!
Following are common ingredients for […]

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