Tooth fairy: Missing teeth fetch less

tooth-missing.jpgFeeling the economic pinch, the Tooth Fairy is not leaving as much for missing teeth as she once did.

A new study sponsored by Visa found that the Tooth Fairy is leaving an average of $2.60 per tooth, 40% less than last year’s $3 per tooth.

Most kids, however, still get payouts for the teeth they lose. Some 90% of American children under the age of 12 leave teeth on or under pillows, and wake up the next morning finding that those teeth have been replaced by money. Here’s how much they get, according to the survey:

  • 29% of children receive exactly $1. Last year’s survey showed that 37% of children received exactly $1.
  • 18% of children get $2 to $4.
  • 18% of children receive $5 as compared to 22% last year.
  • 7% of children receive less than a dollar.
  • 10% of children receive no money from the Tooth Fairy at all. According to last year’s survey, only 6% of children did not receive money from the Tooth Fairy.

Here are some yummy and healthy smoothies to celebrate your child’s beautiful smile! They’re perfect for a child to sip through a straw–right through the hole where the tooth is missing. They’re also great for nutritious snacks to serve at any kid’s birthday party.

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